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HISTORY:Met Dad in Middle School.. Were Best Friends for Years.. Both Married Other People.. I Divorced and Moved out of State.. We lost touch.......... He Divorced.. Saw eachother at 10 Yr. HighSchool Reunion.. He had two Kids and two BioMoms.. I Moved Back to Home State.. We Dated 5 years.. Married in 2007!!

Friday, January 30, 2009

The Kitchen is my Haven

I love to cook. It is my favorite stress reliever. I enjoy the entire process.... trying to find new recipes, grocery shopping, preparing meals, and feeding my friends and family. I had an addiction to a cooking website Allrecipes.com, there are amazing people who share thier cooking experiences and recipe ideas. A great place to learn. I also have an addiction to cook books - I read them like novels - and of course while I'm reading cookbooks or searching Allrecipes, I'm watching the Food Network. I think I have serious issues :-) At least my family benefits (well most of the time..... I do have failures from time to time). My stepson does say that I'm the "best home cook" he knows. That makes it all worth it! So now that we are having cold weather, I can't stop using my latest obsession - my Slow Cooker. What a lifesaver, it's inexpensive and makes confort food so easy. This week it was Chicken Taco Soup and Chicken and Wild Rice Soup. I'm making a giant dish of baked Ziti ( a new recipe for me ) for dinner tonight. Maybe I'll add some pictures if it turns out well. It's a child free weekend so I'm planning to get some cleaning and chores done around the house....wish me luck.

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